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Custom Stainless Steel Valves
While Patrick From J Precision was developing our Testarossa 2 and 4-valve heads, we experimented with a number different valve shapes using the tulip model. These superb valves are a result of the exercise and feature the highest flow level available on the market. So, effective is the design that you’ll see an improvement in performance by simply installing these in your stock heads. They are one piece forged from a racing grade stainless steel alloy and they are available in hard black. Each valve is heat treated with a special process and the stem is centerless grinded to a micro finish for a longer life. Manufactured by Advanced Valves & Valvetrain for MBP, they are available for all Ducati from bevel-twins through Testastretta. Surprisingly affordable, dealer inquiries invited.


MBP Design, fabricate and distribute innovative products for belt and bevel drive Ducatis: