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Titanium Valves
Developed in conjunction with John Hackett of JHP in the UK, the MBP Ti valves are based closely on those used by Ducati Corse in their factory race engines, but we have increased the valve stem diameter from 6 to 7mm in order to use the MBP 4V Collet. Ducati Corse run a collet (Cone Type) of their own design with the 6mm Ti valve, but this arrangement is very labor intensive in both fitment and maintenance compared to the MBP Collet. Our Ti valves can be custom made for any application and feature a special moly coating that is impregnated to the stem whereas the top of the stem (and groove area) are titanium nitride coated for improved reliability.


MBP Design, fabricate and distribute innovative products for belt and bevel drive Ducatis: